Panama Pacific Agency

In order to take advantage of its existing telecommunication infrastructure, its service leadership and skilled workforce, the Panamanian current strategy is to develop an information, technology and telecommunication cluster in the Panama pacific area.

That is why Law 41 of 2004 came into force, creating the Panama Pacific Agency specifically designed to be the business center of the Americas, and a premiere destination for companies seeking for better investment opportunities in the Americas.

Located just forty minutes from Tocumen International Airport, ten minutes from the Balboa Port, one hour from the Colon Free Zone and just twenty minutes from the center of Panama City, The Panama Pacific Agency offers excellent benefits for commercial and service activities. These benefits include tax exemptions for a selected number of activities, streamlined procedures for establishing and operating a business,  the best telecommunication connectivity in the western hemisphere, as well as labor and migratory incentives.

Besides, companies dedicated to logistics or storage and transportation of goods established within the Panama Pacific Agency will have additional benefits, because of their proximity to the largest container ports on the Panamanian pacific side, and their strategic location at the entrance to the Panama Canal from the Pacific Ocean.