The Republic of Panama is recognized in the whole world as an international financial center that has adequate norms and instruments to attract national as well as foreign investment.

This same orientation is followed by the Panamanian legislation, which allows all the corporations constituted in this country to have countless advantages to serve as a financial planning vehicle and responsibility limitation, as well as an effective tool for asset organization and protection. A corporation in the Republic of Panama can be incorporated in 48 to 72 hours between a minimum of two people without the need to pay the corporate capital subscribed and among others, have the following advantages:

  • Allow to maintain anonymity of the shareholders and owners.
  • Do not have the obligation to pay taxes on the income earned through foreign sources.
  • The meetings of its shareholders and directors can be done in any part of the world.
  • The obligation to pay the declared capital of the corporation does not exist, at the moment of its constitution.
  • Its shares can be issued to nominative title, or to the bearer, which contributes to maintain confidentiality of the owner of its shares.
  • The State does not execute any kind of control over the shares books or the shareholders of the corporations in Panama.
  • Serves as an excellent tool for assets protection and financial organization.